Mysteries and Shadows by Dason Pettit

 The balance and shape of the world in its difficult geometry become an enigma to which I alone hold the keys.


 The impulse to discuss a feeling of the sublime is a lingering presence that haunts me. Much like the sense of another world that is often so fleeting, the moments don’t align favorably and these thoughts remain locked away. As elusive as the meaning of this presence is, I can feel it often; when the wind rises and the leaves rustle with the energy of the unbridled spirit of the earth; when the sun hits glass and the world seems drenched in a honeyed and intoxicating fluid revelry. The shadows of the tussled trees cast memory into fleeting forms and throw me into a wilderness of imagination. Corrugated metal is a canvas upon which the light plays and makes a story that only I can interpret. Part of my role as a photographer is providing context, putting the pieces together and forming a narrative that is a part of my own journey and a reflection of something beyond my own knowledge. 

Process by Dason Pettit



A need to speed up the process, the desire to see real change, yet the unease in effecting that change; all are a part of my mindset. Moments that are fleeting and still within reach pass by the window of the car. The surreal drip of time that is like sap from trees; covering all yet barely perceptible to the naked eye. Images blurred as if from a dream or a drug induced night of revelry. Such is the confused sense of the world when seeking out the source of inspirations and looking for secrets in the wind and dust. The mind wanders and retrospect clarifies those distortions into a cinema of the past and the future. And I wait for the moment that will solidify thought into tangible evidence of daydreams.